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Kopke Port, 1983

Vintage Port

This is one of those noses where you can keep going back and finding things you think it smells like. I really like that. A bit punchy initially with it's alcohol, the finish is where this wine really shines. Starts off as fresh popcorn, turning hazelnuts and honey, then granola and brown sugar..... off into a 40-second long finish with various evolution in which I am sure different people would find different things. Truly delicious. This wine is very, very good. I love it when a wine forces you to think about it, and this does just that. Captivating, complex, intense and delicious.

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Barbaresco, 1983

S. Orsola

Barbaresco is one of the great wines of Italy's north-western Piedmont region. This aristocratic red has its vineyards situated in the Langhe, on the right-hand side of the Tanaro river and extending from the area north-east of Alba to the communes of Barbaresco, Nieve and Treiso. The dominant variety grown is Nebbiolo, but Dolcetto and Barbera also play a part. The vines are generally grown on limestone-rich marl soils. similar to the Tortonium soils of the Barolo and La Morra areas in Barolo. Similar to its more famous sibling Barolo, Barbaresco is made from 100% Nebbiolo and shares its cult status as one of the finest wines in the world.

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Barbera d'Alba, 1983

Giuseppe Massolino

Barbera is a wine of prestige, rich colors that refer generally to the ruby purple, just what clothes cardinals; the bouquet is ample and composite, with fruity notes of blackberry, cherry, strawberry and red fruit jam and spicy aromas reminiscent of cinnamon, vanilla, green pepper.

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Baron de Lustrac, 1983

Vintage Armagnac (Comes in original Lustrac Box as illustrated)

Baron de Lustrac is a small traditional éleveur specialising in fine old Armagnac vintages. Their extensive range is sourced from neighbouring estates in the Tenereze and Mas Armagnac regions and they keep an ageing and bottling chais near Magnan, in the Bas Armagnac region.

All Armagnacs are aged in 420ltr oak barrels and sold as single vintages. The grapes used are all harvested from the one particular year, and will only be distilled if the conditions were particularly good. Perfect for big birthdays or as a special drink for the connoisseur as they truly are a fine example of the very best Armagnacs around.

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Bas Armagnac, 1983

Du Chateau Lacaze , Vintage Armagnac (Price includes a dark mocha leather effect gift box with silk liner as illustrated)

Thick and exotic nose with rich vanilla notes, lavender syrup, marzipan coated stewed apples. Sweet orange cordial and Jaffa Cake jelly.
The palate is filled with plenty of floral notes (lavender) but after this has subsided there is a smooth spice and rich dark chocolate and cherry note like eating a huge chunk of Black Forest gateaux. With its depth of floral flavour this can best be described as a gentle giant.

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Berry's Own Selection Vintage Port, 1983

Shipped by Warre's

The '83 Berry's selection port has been shipped by Warre's, a consistent shipper throughout most vintages.
This port is now beginning to sing, with a beautifully fragrant and perfumed nose of Spring flowers, damsons and minerals the palate is rich and multi-dimensional with a great integration between fruit and structure. It is a joy to drink fully mature Ports and this is a lovely example, it will hold and drink well for a few more years.

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Carmignano, 1983

Villa di Capezzana - Riserva (Clearance sale - excluded from our guarantee, was £59.00 now £35.00)

Cabernet – Sangiovese blended wines are one of the success stories of 20th-Century Italian winemaking. In the 1960s and 1970s, enterprising producers from Tuscany began to experiment with the Bordeaux varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc (as well as Merlot), blending it with the region's staple Sangiovese variety. Nowadays, the blend represents modern Italian winemaking, making up some of Italy's most famous wines.

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Chateau Cissac, 1983

Haut Medoc

The 1983 is an interesting wine, with tertiary notes just starting to come through. Believe it or not, there was some fruit that began to sneak out after the wine was open and in a decanter for about an hour and a half. The fruit involved includes dusty black cherries carried over a mushroom, forest floor, and pencil lead background.

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Chateau Filhot, 1983

Sauternes 2eme Cru Classe

Chateau Filhot is an old and large estate. When Henri de Vaucelles took control of the estate in 1974 he began the process of replanting the vineyards and renovating the winery. It is during this transition that this bottle from 1983 was produced.

This is an interesting Sauternes to taste. The colour and texture of the wine is young but the flavours are very mature, having become primarily that of spiced apple and orange peel.

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Chateau Lafite Rothschild, 1983

Pauillac 1er Grand Cru Classe

***94 Points - Robert Parker***

"Finally, the 1983 Lafite is beginning to shed its tannin. The wine exhibits a deep ruby/garnet color with only a slight lightening at the edge. The intoxicatingly perfumed nose of lead pencil, pain grille, red and black fruits, minerals, and roasted herbs is provocative. In the mouth, this wine displays considerable body for a Lafite, plenty of power, and a fleshy, rich, sweet mid-palate. Long, elegant, plump, and surprisingly fleshy, this outstanding example of Lafite seems largely forgotten given the number of high quality vintages during the golden decade of the eighties.

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